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OBJECTIVES: This study assessed cultural consultants' impression of the utility of an expanded version of the DSM-IV Outline for Cultural Formulation in cultural psychiatric consultation and identified ways to improve the usefulness of the cultural formulation.METHODS: A structured interview and questionnaire on the use of the cultural formulation was administered to 60 consultants working for an outpatient Babyliss Miracurl Cultural Consultation Service (CCS).RESULTS: Most consultants (93%) found the cultural formulation to be moderately to very useful. More than half (57%) had little or no familiarity with the cultural formulation before working with the CCS. The main suggestions for improvement of the cultural formulation were to expand sections on migration experience and include sections on religious and spiritual practice.CONCLUSIONS: Although many consultants had little previous familiarity with the cultural formulation, most found it useful in organizing their assessment and preparing consultation reports. Nasal masks, oronasal masks and nasal pillows were used by 62.4, 26.2 and 11.4% of the patients, respectively. In univariate analysis, oronasal masks and nasal pillows were associated with higher risk of CPAP non-adherence. CPAP non-adherence was also associated with younger age, female gender, mild OSA, gastroesophageal reflux, depression status, low effective pressure and CPAP-related side effects. STATEMENT OF PROBLEM: Ghd Hair Outlet Australia Color of fluorescent substances is influenced by the amount of ultraviolet (UV) component in the illumination. Color of fluorescent dental composite resins may change by the amount of UV component in the ambient light, but there have been few studies on this subject.PURPOSE: The purpose of this study was to determine the differences in color and color parameters such as lightness, chroma, and hue of composite resins created by varying the amount of UV component of a pulsed-xenon source that is conditioned to approximate the Commission Internationale de l'Eclairage (CIE) standard illuminant D65.MATERIAL AND METHODS: A spectrophotometer, in which the UV component of a daylight simulator could be adjusted, was developed. Eight light-polymerized dental composite resins, A3 shade, were studied. These studies stem from the implication that the apoptotic process plays a key role in a plethora of human pathologies, including cardiovascular diseases. In fact, defects in the mechanisms of cell death, i.e., both an increase or a decrease of apoptosis, have been associated with the pathogenesis of vessel and myocardial diseases. Some new insights also derived from the study of autophagy, a less characterized form of cell damage mainly associated with cell survival strategies but that also leads, as final event, to the death of the cell.  

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