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BACKGROUND: The role of dietary protein intake in osteoporosis remains controversial. Protein is an important structural component of bone and protein supplementation improves the medical outcome of hip fracture patients, but it is unknown whether protein intake can reduce the incidence risk of hip fracture.OBJECTIVE: The relation between intake of protein and other nutrients and subsequent incidence of hip fracture was evaluated.DESIGN: Nutrient intake was assessed with a food-frequency questionnaire in a cohort of Iowa women aged 55-69 y at Ghd Rose Gold baseline in 1986. Incident hip fractures were ascertained through follow-up questionnaires mailed to participants in 1987 and 1989 and verified by physician reports.RESULTS: Forty-four cases of incident hip fractures were included in the analyses of 104338 person-years (the number of subjects studied times the number of years of follow-up) of follow-up data. Depending on the tool used for smothering, abrasions on the facial skin (hands, lesser in cases of smothering by a pillow) and petechiae (pillow/hands) could be seen by external examination. The older the children were, the more injuries could be found. Together with circumstantial evidence all cases could have been established by a thorough autopsy. Positive correlations between FFR and IVUS measurements included MLA (r = 0.34, p<0.001), minimum lumen diameter (MLD) (r=0.31, p=0.004), lesion length (r=-0.5, p<0.001), and area stenosis (r=-0.31, p=0.01). There was no significant correlation between FFR and quantitative coronary angiography in MLD (r=0.19, p=0.06), diameter stenosis (r=0.08, p=0.4), or lesion length (r=-0.14, p=0.17). A receiver operating characteristic curve identified MLA <2.8 mm2 (sensitivity 79.7%, specificity 80.3%) as the best threshold value for FFR <0.75; and MLA <3.2 mm2 as best for FFR <0.8 (sensitivity 69.2%, specificity 68.3%).CONCLUSIONS: Anatomic measurements of intermediate coronary lesions obtained by IVUS show a moderate correlation to FFR values, although they differ according to vessel size. We interpreted the extent to which bees' preferences were biased away from the unrewarding hue ('peak shift') as an indicator of uncertainty in color discrimination. Our data show that the presence of an olfactory signal reduces uncertainty regarding color: not only was color learning facilitated on scented flowers but also bees showed a lower amount of peak shift in the presence of scent. We explore potential mechanisms by which scent might reduce uncertainty about color, Ghd Sale Au and discuss the broader significance of our results for our understanding of signal evolution..  

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