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BACKGROUND: Although HIV and tuberculosis (TB) prevalence are high in prisons throughout sub-Saharan Africa, little research has been conducted on factors related to prevention, testing and treatment services.METHODS: To better understand the relationship between prison conditions, the criminal justice system, and HIV and TB in Zambian prisons, we conducted a mixed-method study, including: facility assessments and in-depth interviews with 246 prisoners and 30 prison officers at six Zambian prisons; a review of Zambian legislation and policy governing prisons and the criminal justice system; and 46 key informant interviews with government and non-governmental organization officials and representatives of international agencies and donors.RESULTS: The facility assessments, in-depth interviews and key informant interviews found serious barriers to HIV and TB prevention and treatment, and Ghd Stockists Hobart extended pre-trial detention that contributed to overcrowded conditions. Disparities both between prisons and among different categories of prisoners within prisons were noted, with juveniles, women, pre-trial detainees and immigration detainees significantly less likely to access health services.CONCLUSIONS: Current conditions and the lack of available medical care in Zambia's prisons violate human rights protections and threaten prisoners' health. In order to protect the health of prisoners, prison-based health services, linkages to Discount Ghd Australia community-based health care, general prison conditions and failures of the criminal justice system that exacerbate overcrowding must be immediately improved. In this article we systematically and critically review the Chinese and English language literature on human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-related studies in Yunnan Province, Southwestern China. Yunnan Province had the first Chinese HIV outbreak and is still the worst affected area in the nation. Since 1989, HIV infection has extended from injecting drug users into the general population through sexual transmission. Gene regulation in higher eukaryotes has been shown to involve regulatory sites, such as promoters and enhancers which act at the level of individual genes, and mechanisms which control the functional state of gene clusters. A fundamental question is whether additional levels of genome control exist. Nuclear organization and large-scale chromatin structure may constitute such a level and play an important role in the cell-type specific orchestration of the expression of thousands of genes in eukaryotic cells.  

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